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Major changes in the way IT services are consumed coupled with increasingly sophisticated cyber crime and more demanding regulatory requirements pose complex challenges for large organisations. Solutions from BT provide multi-layered protection that is your best defence against constantly evolving threats.

As a leading global communications provider, BT was one of the first ICT companies to identify that traditional network perimeters were shifting with the adoption of cloud and mobile solutions. We help organisations revisit their security architecture to keep pace with the way they are choosing to consume IT, and to stay safe and compliant in the face of rising cyber attacks.

With operations in over 180 countries supporting some of the world’s largest companies, from financial institutions to pharmaceuticals, BT has a unique perspective on cyber crime. We draw on local and global capabilities as a network and IT services provider to devise a multi-layered response to threats

that range from malware, phishing and SQL injection to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and identity theft.

Our skills and experience are underpinned by security best practice. BT’s Dublin data centre was one of the first in Ireland to be ISO 270001 certified, the highest standard for ISMS (Information Security Management System). We’re also PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified as a Level 1 Service Provider, a standard that guarantees protection of cardholder data.

Managed Security

Our Managed Security services


A natural extension of our Managed Services portfolio, BT embeds security into day-to-day ICT processes and provides the highest levels of expertise so you don’t have to. Our 24/7 service monitors all network points of entry and exit, such as web and email traffic, to identify and analyse suspicious behaviours that would indicate a potential security breach.

With a choice of deployment options – cloud, data centre or in-house hosting – and a powerful combination of software and appliances from leading vendors, including Checkpoint, Cisco and Palo Alto, we address a complex threat landscape with round-the-clock network protection.

Our solutions have helped customers cut their security operating costs by more than 30 per cent while simultaneously reducing their risk profile and exposure to threats. We will also help define security policies and permissions for global users and applications, applying changes in real-time as the business demands.

Service components include:


•   Patch management
•   URL filtering
•   Advance Persistent Threat (APT) detection
•   Next-generation firewalls
•    Mobile security
•   Cloud security
•   End-point security
•   Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
•   Identity management

Security Intelligence

Our Managed Security services


Put your organisation on the front foot in the fight against cyber crime with BT’s world class Security Intelligence services. From identifying and isolating botnets and malware on a customer’s network to containing staged DDoS attacks that breach your perimeter, it’s a three-tier defence structure that covers every threat scenario.

Threat Visibility


A global pool of 2,500 BT security experts is our first line of defence. By identifying suspicious behaviour and constantly watching, learning, predicting and responding to threats, we make informed decisions on the best course of action for customers and help them set out clear security strategies and roadmaps.

Threat Management


Having established a risk, threat and vulnerability profile based on your primary business objectives, we can identify and analyse suspicious behaviour and anomalies that represent a threat. We can provide real-time threat protection across multiple attack vectors including the web, email, end-point devices, cloud, and mobile.

Threat Control


By understanding the biggest threats to your most important assets, BT gives you more control and helps avoid the false alerts that distract from genuine threats. By responding quickly to a breach, identifying and locking down the vulnerability that caused it, a potential disaster becomes a minor security incident and reputational damage is avoided.

Effective threat intelligence improves the security of your organisation. Our Security Intelligence services are all about obtaining data from multiple sources and turning it into actionable insights that can be aligned to the security priorities within your own organisation.

Security Consulting

Our Security Consulting services


Scoping security requirements involves regulation, risk, compliance and governance, a complex set of challenges that calls for specialist skills and internal expertise beyond the reach of most organisations. Identity management, perimeter testing and the imminent enforcement of GDPR are typical security pain points that our professional services people address.

BT Security Consulting is all about filling knowledge gaps and planning a safe cyber journey. Drawing on BT’s experience as a leading global security provider, protecting networks across every sector in over 180 countries, we provide expert advice and support across a wide range of issues.

The endgame is to help our customers to stay ahead of fast-evolving threats. The process starts with workshops around our cyber security framework. We show organisations how to establish a risk, threat and vulnerability profile based on their primary business objectives, and then introduce hybrid security services that mitigate them.

Our consultants will:


A global pool of 2,500 BT security experts is our first line of defence. By identifying suspicious behaviour and constantly watching, learning, predicting and responding to threats, we make informed decisions on the best course of action for customers and help them set out clear security strategies and roadmaps.


• Set a clear security strategy with mission statement, objectives and roadmap
• Devise and implement policies and procedures that ensure every employee is on board
• Weigh up the options of outsourcing security or enhancing your in-house capability
• Identify the threats most likely to target your sector and the best way to neutralise them
• Provide regulatory expertise with respect to Governance, Risk and Compliance
• Ensure your security operations are aligned to the current threat landscape

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