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Wide Area Networks

BT Ireland has the local and global capabilities to manage and deliver any Wide Area Network (WAN) requirement. Whether it’s an upgrade to consolidate and centralise applications, a plan to future-proof infrastructure to support multimedia applications, or a simple point-to-point replacement for an older network, we have the competencies to handle every variable.

We have a full range of product platforms and access technologies to always hit the mark on speed of deployment, service level, bandwidth and cost. Our network service specialists will take time to find out what’s right for your business, be it a more flexible core or bandwidth optimised for different sites.

BT Ireland can handle any level of complexity, from a global VPN (Virtual Private Network) to a single-site service connection. We can provide a multi-site organisation with any-to-any connectivity, building in the capacity to handle business critical applications on one site while simplifying another to achieve network cost and performance optimisation.

Virtual Private Network

Secure and reliable technology/infrastructure with the speed and agility to align network needs to changing business requirements and point-to-point replacement for an older network, we have the competencies to handle every variable.

We offer local and global deployments with BT IP Connect Global and BT IP Connect Ireland. A class-of-service capability lets you prioritise traffic as and when required.

Features include:

  • Coverage in 198 countries and territories
  • Multiple access options
  • Six class-of-service models
  • Secure performance monitoring
  • Comprehensive reports
  • 24/7 service and support

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Carrier Ethernet

High-bandwidth network technology that can be used for a standard service, private line, or VPN.

Our products, BT Ethernet Connect Ireland and BT Ethernet Connect Global, cater for local and multinational customers with five class-of-service options to give your sites the performance they need.

Features include:

  • Five class-of-service models
  • End-to-end service level agreements
  • Multi-service access options
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Highly scalable
  • National and international reach

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Cloud Connectivity

As more organisations look to take cloud services from a third-party provider or data centre, the right network connection becomes business critical.

Security and performance are paramount, which is why they are central to the BT proposition, BT Cloud Compute.

Features include:

  • Global points-of-presence
  • Carrier neutral meeting points
  • Direct connection to leading service providers
  • Built-in security and performance features
  • Integration with BT Compute products
  • Software-defined network management

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Customer Stories

See how we've helped diverse businesses deliver real benefits with regard to Wide Area Networks.

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Enduring relationships key to global ICT success

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The alliance has put a BT Ethernet Connect global wide area network at the heart of its IT transformation

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Anglo American

Global mining giant set to profit from combined network

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