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Two key trends influencing your network strategy

What you need to be thinking about in the near future

Hybrid networks evolve and are the norm

The prevalence of hybrid networks will continue to increase. Hybrid will come to mean different things at different layers based on the needs of the end-user experience around availability and security. Agile, flexible networks will make it easy for organisations to turn up the bandwidth, add new sites and prioritise traffic and core applications.

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The security attack surface will explode

With edge computing and the move to hybrid networks, there will be more points to attack and a continued shortage of cyber security skills to deal with the attacks. Therefore, automation will be key in how you deploy security and we will see ‘orchestrated micro-perimeter-isation’ take over.

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"New networking technologies have huge potential to improve performance, boost efficiency and agility, as well as easing visibility and control."

The CISO and CIO's guide to securing networks in a digital age

The changing nature of networks and new technology means that security will be transformed. Malicious actors are more sophisticated but the defence is also increasingly sophisticated. Here, we outline how security will become a key component of your future network strategy.

"There are significant advantages in working with a truly global company, not the least of which are the increased agility and efficiency in dealing with one main provider."

Robert Dickie

Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Zurich Insurance Group

As your network adapts to meet new demands, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the
complexity of managing and maintaining it. Not to mention the challenge of ever-increasing
data traffic and security threats.

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