As an organisation’s dependency on ICT services grows, so too does the demand for first-class technical support. BT Ireland has strong ideas about what this entails. Fundamentally, it’s about the trust that has drawn customers to BT for decades. It’s also about having the speed and agility to meet the needs of 24/7 businesses, with layers of support that incorporate escalation plans, faster problem resolution and better reporting.

We offer an extensive portfolio of instructor-led courses and have state-of-the-art training sites in Dublin and Belfast, as well as test facilities that support Prometric and Vue examinations. Our course capabilities range from distance learning, using the BT Virtual Classroom, to embedded training, delivered as part of a large IT project to drive end user buy-in. We can also provide tailored e-learning solutions, however specific your needs.

BT will sit down and plan the course design and delivery with you, ensuring you achieve the desired return on your training investment. Our goal is to understand your learning requirements and match them to quality managed products and services that will fulfil them.

Professional Accreditation

Whether you want basic Microsoft training or more specialised skills in Oracle, Cisco or ITIL, courses all culminate in recognised accreditation and formal qualifications.

Course subjects include:

    • Virtualisation
    • Oracle
    • SharePoint
    • Security
    • Cisco
    • Servers, Databases, Operating Systems
    • Software Development
    • Project/Service Management
    • Applications Training
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