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Increasingly complex ICT infrastructure is leaving organisations exposed to more risks and greater threats to their data. With a global reputation for provisioning security services, BT makes it a core component in every Managed Service engagement. We make sure appropriate measures are implemented and then maintained, using a combination of own internal solutions with products from leading global providers like Checkpoint, Cisco and Palo Alto.

As long as we have been building networks and deploying IT systems, we have been securing them, developing a competency that now extends across a growing range of ICT services. Right now, there is a lot of focus on supporting cloud and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) projects.

We can help you identify and manage risk through a rigorous process of implementation, configuration and testing; making sure best practice security is integral to the service we provide. At any point in any engagement, BT Ireland can bring in local and global expertise. We have the capability to build security and resilience into the fabric of your business, whether it’s to support a Bring Your Own Device strategy or to support cloud connectivity.

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