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Oracle brings more choice to the Cloud of Clouds ecosystem

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Oracle brings more choice to the Cloud of Clouds

Moving to the cloud will transform your organisation. Making it more agile and more productive with a world of choice.

The cloud effect.

Digital transformation is a buzzword at the moment — and for good reason. As organisations around the world pivot to embrace digital ways of working, others see the benefits, and want a piece of the action.

This transformation can come in various shapes and sizes, but the biggest, most revolutionary change is often found in the cloud. Agile apps, powerful processing, secure servers — all can be achieved using Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Explore your cloud ecosystem.

The possibilities of operating in a cloud ecosystem are exciting and boundless — the more cloud services you take on, the more benefits you get. But you’ll also have to deal with more complexity in your IT infrastructure, so it’s smart to make your organisation’s move to the cloud as straightforward as possible by observing three key considerations:

  • Make sure your cloud services match the needs of your business.
  • Find a provider that enables flexibility when it comes to controlling access and performance.
  • Select a partner that provides secure anytime, anywhere access to apps and information.

All of these can be addressed from the outset by working with a partner who can take all of your cloud services and manage them securely as a single package.

Oracle and BT: Secure, Reliable, Anywhere Access.

Our relationship with BT means that the Oracle Cloud makes the most of a direct connection to BT’s network, allowing customers to leverage the high performance, reliability, and security features of the Cloud Connect environment.

While organisations understand the promise and benefits of the cloud, many are concerned about security and performance issues, especially when dealing with business-critical enterprise workloads that demand high levels of availability, security and performance. Our partnership makes the most of BT’s global network to provide a private connection to our cloud services, no matter where you’re located, alleviating these fears and allowing businesses to innovate and embrace digital with confidence.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t started your journey to cloud transformation yet, then now’s the time.

Take a look at our Cloud Connect page to find out more.


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