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What impact is the 2nd Wave of Cloud adoption having?

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Hybrid cloud how long is a piece of string

This is the 3rd in a series of blogs by Barry Mc Mahon on Cloud. See the 1st and 2nd in the series.

In the 1st wave of Cloud adoption, the focus was on SLAs and low cost infrastructure. As the use of Cloud has matured, so has the expectation of what it must deliver upon. As Cloud get integrated into the core of the business, KPIs are now more strategic in nature.

KPIs such as Revenue Increase, Cost of IT Operations, and Allocation of Budget identify the growing presence of a more mature approach to Cloud, which IDC call the 2nd Wave of Cloud adoption.

In this report, Cloud going mainstream: all are trying, some are benefiting; few are maximising value“, we reveal that as cloud maturity increases, greater business benefits are realised. However, are these benefits being realised by the many or the few?

And, as organisations move through IDC’s 5 stages of Cloud maturity, do they plan on using more private or public Cloud? Download the report to find out the answer.

In addition, would you like to see which profile you fit into and how you compare to industry peers globally? If so, send me an email ( and I’ll arrange for you to receive a short online survey and when complete you will receive a short personalised report.




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