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How to stop the hackers in their tracks

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How to stop the hackers in their tracks

In working with KPMG, we have produced a report which highlights that, although awareness of cyber-crime is at an all-time high, many organisations still have much to do in order to prevent various levels of security breaches.

There is no doubt that cyber security has become an important part of running any organisation.  It’s high on the agenda at most board meetings.  However, less than a quarter of companies feel prepared for an attack.  Organisations feel vulnerable and most feel there is still a lot to do to counter-act these threats.

BT have compiled five key steps that your organisation need to take to improve your cyber security:

1. Evolve your Knowledge.

Cyber criminals are proactive, resourceful and ruthless.  They are developing new attack tools at an increasing rate.  This introduces more and more unfamiliarity so it’s important that you re-think the cyber threat and evolve your knowledge to stay on top of potential cyber threats.

2. Learn about your adversary.

Cyber criminals make money by exploiting vulnerabilities in their targets.  To understand their strategy, their business models, you have to think like a cyber-criminal.  In addition you also need to understand your key data so you can protect it.

3. Go on the offensive.

The most effective way of protecting your information is to disrupt the business model of the criminal entrepreneur. Introducing barriers to your network is not enough.  You need to make it difficult for the thief to access, distribute or use your information.

4. Remove the obstacles.

It’s vital that you act quickly.  You need to be as agile as the attackers.  It starts by reviewing your ability to defend a cyber-attack in a quick, efficient manner.  Are all services within your control or do you rely on third-parties?

5. Get the balance right.

We are in an age of digital transformation that is moving at a rapid pace.  Security is a key pillar in enabling the new digital channels of this transformation.  Your organisation wants to be more efficient, more profitable – these new channels will contribute to helping your business sell more and serve your customers’ needs better.
Security plays a pivotal role in the strategic direction of digital enablement but you have to make sure it’s balanced correctly, being the barrier as well as being the enabler.

Find out more.

In working with KPMG, we’ve provided a detailed view of the security landscape and the practical steps your business needs to take to stay secure in the ever evolving face of criminal entrepreneurs.  Download the report here.


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