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Fast Turn-Up: How BT’s “Pop Up” connectivity works

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Fast Turn Up

As customers seek to expand and conduct business in new and existing  markets, service providers need to offer flexible solutions that will enable them to move quickly to help execute their plans and meet the demands placed upon the network infrastructure.

To support customer operations in increasingly dynamic and competitive markets, BT’s IP Connect Global has launched Fast Turn Up , a pop up connectivity service that delivers a temporary service connection within a matter of days. Fast Turn Up supports customers who require rapid site delivery to provide a basic service connection for an interim period until a permanent service solution is delivered. It could be a branch site in the same country or a new office in a new territory.

The business benefits are all about the rapid delivery of connectivity

Fast Turn Up or pop up connectivity may also serve temporary service installations for a finite duration, such as a pop-up retail store, a Greenfield site, or a short term installation on a construction site, for example.

Easy-to-implement router

Fast Turn Up works by rapidly deploying a pre-configured router to the specified site. An easy-to-implement, self-service solution, the router’s auto-installation feature makes it easy for the customer to get up and running.

The router supports a choice of rapid access connections. You can either utilise a pre-existing internet connection, such as a DSL line, or a BT supplied 3G SIM.

Customer data is carried from the Fast Turn Up site to a secure network gateway via an IPsec encrypted tunnel. The secure network gateway in turn connects to the customer’s network (VPN). This gateway/ VPN connection is established up-front. Multiple customer sites can then be ordered into this gateway.

A customer’s VPN is enabled for Fast Turn Up by provisioning a logical connection between the Fast Turn Up Secure Network Gateway (SNG) and the customer’s Global VPN nominated ‘central site’. An Fast Turn Up site order, referred to as a ‘branch site’, delivers the Fast Turn Up router to the customer’s site.

The Fast Turn Up site router is dispatched with a basic set up guide which also includes a support desk contact number, should the customer require remote support. Note, telephone support is available during normal UK working hours (08.00-17:00hrs) Monday-Friday.

Example of Customer Provided Internet Access connectivity with Fast Turn Up service.

Rapid pop up connectivity

The business benefits are all about the rapid delivery of connectivity. Configuring the VPN to support the Fast Turn Up typically takes around 10 working days for the customer’s central site. Sending out the router and auto-enabling it will be up to five working days for every other branch site. So, although the Fast Turn Up service bandwidth will be limited – by whatever access type is quickly realised – this limitation is off-set by getting basic services (for example retail point-of-sale) online as quickly as possible.

Network service providers, like BT, find that service lead-times, for a permanent connection, may not meet the needs of multi-site organisations demanding “pop-up” or temporary solutions. So you can see why there is so much interest in Fast Turn Up Everyone wants to be faster and more nimble in their business operations; if you open a new office, branch or retail outlet, you want to see a return on that investment as soon as possible. By reducing the time for getting a basic connection from months to a number of days, BT can play an active part supporting the agility that businesses are demanding.

IP Connect Fast Turn Up service is now available throughout the 28 European member states, Switzerland, Norway, Channel Islands, Hull and Isle of Man.

To find out more  you can download this datasheet and feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or ask your account manager today for more information.

Richie Corr


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