The dot in the box – what’s it about?

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In this three part blog series I discuss the Gartner Magic Quadrant and our position within the quadrant.

The story of the blue dot

Customers regularly ask about our capability and I tend to provide case study references supported by analyst’s reviews.

Obviously, given my role, I focus on hosting and hybrid infrastructure services including the required delivery, professional and inlife services.

Anyone familiar with Gartner, will be familiar with the Magic Quadrant – if you’re not familiar, download our report from the link below. This is analyst review I tend to use the most. Sometimes the story behind the positioning within the quadrant is not fully understood.

Typically, people look at the Magic Quadrant to see where their partner, or potential partner, is located. If you’re positioned in the ‘Leaders Quadrant’, the client is confident that they‘re exploring, planning and executing their strategy with a recognised leader.

The impact of the dot

So why do (and should) someone have so much confidence based on the position of a blue dot? Well, these dots indicate who the main players are in a particular technology market, their understanding of where the market is going, and their ability to deliver on their customer’s vision and/or market direction.

I have first-hand experience of people who know the story of the blue dot, and equally, those that don’t. For those that know the story, having a review of the MQ image for a few seconds has a massive impact on direction of the meeting. The impact can be a quick change in engagement from “show me, convince me” to a very open, trusting and strategic conversation.

To read more on our recognition as a Leader for 5th consecutive year, follow this link.

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