BT and Williams Martini Racing: on track for success.

Williams F1 Team


The F1 racing team was looking to improve the performance of its cars and reinvigorate its reputation by making a significant investment in people, facilities, and technology to provide a solid foundation for the future.


BT technology provided a faster network connection from the track back to the team’s headquarters – up to 80GB of data per race at speeds of 100Mbps – enabling real-time video and data analysis of team and car performance.


The network enables high-speed remote access to video and car data that the team can export in minutes and interrogate remotely, which has led to faster decision-making and the improved performance of the cars.

Before we started working with BT, video analysis used to be scheduled, often overnight – now it can be undertaken in real-time. Combined with a new hardware infrastructure, the computation of some performance data has improved 200 times Graeme Hackland, Chief Information Officer, Williams F1 Team

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