Cloud company finds perfect host with BT

Savenet Solutions


Dissatisfaction with its data centre provider prompted Savenet to go looking for a new host that could supports its cloud backup, disaster recovery and storage solutions business.


BT was chosen because it provided the capacity to scale, guaranteed 99.95 per cent uptime, and took full responsibility for power, cooling and monitoring with a 24/7 help desk and state-of-the-art ticketing system.


Since making the move Savenet has not suffered a single outage, the ticketing system always elicits a quick response, and the company feels like it has the partner is needs for the next phase of growth.

We do business in an open and transparent way, telling our customers about the data centres we are using. The BT brand has been very useful because it gives them an extra level of reassurance.
Lorcan Cunningham, Managing Director, Savenet Solutions

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