The alliance has put a BT Ethernet Connect global wide area network at the heart of its IT transformation



A flexible and highly secure network is essential to support NATO’s mission. It needed to replace its existing point-to-point leased line backbone with an Ethernet-based solution.


BT Ethernet Connect was chosen, an intelligent network solution designed for large organisations that require exclusive control over their IP architecture and want the freedom to evolve their infrastructure their way.


NATO has far greater flexibility and agility to respond to constantly shifting requirements, such as changing user demands and a new command structure. Delivered as a managed service, it frees up internal resources to focus on other tasks.

Having carefully considered all options we again chose BT, following international competitive bidding, for its comprehensive knowledge of our operations. BT understands the risks, knows how we work, and there is strong mutual trust. Above all, the BT proposal was fully compliant with our needs at the best price.
Malcolm Green, Head of Network Communications Infrastructure Team (CAT9) at NATO

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