The biomedical research centre needed a powerful computing platform and found the perfect solution with BT’s Cloud Compute architecture.

Genome Institute of Singapore


The world-leading biomedical centre relies on large-scale data analysis to carry out research and was running into bottlenecks that were hampering its capacity to innovate in healthcare.


GIS saw the power of the cloud as a potential solution and found the perfect platform with BT Cloud Compute architecture, deployed with the help of the BT Life Sciences team.


With BT as a partner, GIS has been able to develop new analytics tools and step up its pioneering work in developing life-saving treatments that could transform healthcare.

The real challenge for GIS is no longer the analysis itself, but the vast amount of data produced during analysis that needs to be managed and stored. And this is where the cloud computing resources that BT provides really help us advance the science
Niranjan Nagarajan, Associate Director, Computational and Systems Biology, Genome Institute of Singapore

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