The business process outsourcing company came to BT for a high-speed global network to sustain growth and make it more agile



Providing monitoring and communications to a global customer base, Bosh needed a reliable network that could help grow its business and make it more agile without compromising its customer service levels.


BT provides a range of network services and connects twenty-two Bosch communication centre locations worldwide with IP Connect, its global MPLS product. As well as meeting stringent company requirements, the flexibility of the BT network is paving the way for future growth.


Providing a resilient network that supports the latest IP technologies, BT enables Bosh to operate more flexibly while giving the business the continuity of service its customers demand.

We especially appreciate the continuity of service and confidence we have in working with BT.
Steffen Rittner, Managing Director of Bosch Communication Center

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