Calling out contact centre flaws

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Technology has certainly moved on at a terrific pace but it’s amazing how little it’s used. A well setup call centre solution should make it easy for anybody and everybody who interacts with it.

The agent should have the tools to do their job at their fingertips, be it a well-designed GUI for the phone system, information presented about the caller at the start of a call, links to their external CRM system to save them having to double key or a working knowledge base to get the answers they need in real-time.

The supervisor needs to be able to support their agents, so should have an environment that supports them in achieving this. This means a system that’s easy to navigate, shows the information clearly and allows for quick reactions to any situation.

A manager may be considering costs. Does investing in new technology or innovations mean savings or improvements in other areas? What does it cost to run? Where can I improve efficiencies to save money or time? What about the cost of customer satisfaction?

The customer is the key to the choices made when it comes to how a call centre operates. In a world of omni-channel communication it is important we are interacting with customers through their desired communication channel. Customers have so much choice when deciding which companies to do business with, it’s essential we make their interactions with us as easy as possible to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The evolution of the contact centre

A lot has changed over the past 24 years I have been in the call centre industry but so much has remained the same. I’ve made a career out of customer communication through what we now define as contact centres. My time has been spent working as an agent, a supervisor, an MIS Analyst and a Call Centre manager. In more recent times, I went behind the curtain supporting global companies with design, build-out, training and consultancy; on the solution they have chosen. Each one of those roles has allowed me a unique insight into how a Contact Centre works from each of those points of view.

Exploring untapped value

Over a series of articles I hope you’ll join me in exploring each of those roles and think about what a Contact Centre means to the people in those roles and possibly the most important perspective, what it means for the customer.

Steve Jenkins