The network Nürburgring – overkill or fast track to innovation?

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Network infrastructure has become business critical, the backbone for digital working and customer service. But no-one wants to pay for capacity they don't need or can't afford now. Digital leaders are walking a fine line between creating agility and operational certainty for their business.

Companies are competing on customer experience more than ever. New channels of communications between remote workers and customers need to sit on a solid digital infrastructure. Integration is important, to give customers a joined-up experience across multiple channels. But budget for this is not unlimited and the business case must stack up.

Introducing the wrong technology at the wrong time threatens the survival of any business. But doing nothing isn't an option. Competitors will soon overtake you if you keep using clunky legacy systems. Tailor transformation plans closely to benefits that will appear in black on your bottom line. That is the language that the board understands.

Digital transformation is not a one-off exercise. While it is good to show the board some quick wins – and potential for recurring revenue – there must be flexibility too, to meet variations in demand on the infrastructure and to handle the load of new services and channels of communication on the network.

We spoke to 62 business leaders to find out how they were tackling their infrastructure transformations. Christian Merkel, Director IT UC at LogMeIn, told us: “People started to understand, hey, that whole network thing, it's like the road I'm driving my BMW or Porsche on. If I'm driving on a rural road, which has holes and bumps, I can't get up the speed I would going through the Nürburgring. Having a good network connection is just the thing. But we don't always want to pay for the Nürburgring. And this is where the flexible, scalable network comes in where we pay for what we need."

Many of the global business leaders talked about the need for a high performing network infrastructure. Those tapping into the network Nürburgring, when their business needs that level of performance, will achieve the best possible performance to support innovation, without the expense of running a Formula 1 racing team.

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