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As the full consequences of the shift to cloud services become apparent, so too does the importance of the network. And today’s networks need to do far more than just ‘sticking’ services together. As organisations shift from the traditional IT services world of client/servers and colocation relationships with data centres, to one where hybrid services are delivered from public and private clouds alongside legacy solutions, the network provides the commonality in an increasingly complex ecosystem. Embedded security and application performance management are now expected. And rightly so!

Bandwidth: ‘You never miss your water until your well runs dry’

As a consequence, you will need to make more considered decisions about the kind of networks you need. Not so long ago infrastructure requirements were more straightforward, based around a WAN that connected different sites to the head office and a data centre. While this remains a fundamental building block, it’s become simpler and more complicated at the same time. It’s simple to sign up for a third-party Software-as-a-Service product that only needs a subscription to activate, but it gets complicated if the application dips too deeply into the well of available bandwidth that it slows down email for everyone else, or if it inadvertently handles customer data in a non-compliant way.

Hybrid network: ‘C’mon, c’mon let’s stick together’

Hybrid cloud services demand hybrid networks, where different connections to different services can be optimised in terms of bandwidth, resilience and security, matching the network to the service or application that’s running over them.

In short, you need a ‘network like never before’ that will enable you to fully realise the agility and scale that prompted you to pursue a cloud strategy in the first place. The network doesn’t just provide a commonality, in the right hands it’s also a mechanism for controlling hybrid environments with an appropriate combination of MPLS and internet transport solutions.

Moves to cloud: ‘Much communication in a motion’

You’ve told us about your moves to cloud, and as a result BT began exploring ways to meet the needs of CIOs struggling with all this complexity. We came up with the BT Cloud of Clouds. Essentially, it’s a strategy for anchoring services on network infrastructure that can support and optimise even the most complex combinations. By wrapping all your multiple clouds into one single cloud, we enable you to manage and maximise your hybrid ecosystem.

The reason we can do it is because of BT’s long-term investment in networks, cloud services, professional services and security expertise. We have got to the point where any organisation can work with us and connect easily and securely to the applications and data it needs, regardless of where they’re hosted and where the organisation is based.

Cloud: ‘I began to lose control’

Our BT Cloud of Clouds strategy is all about control, enabling CIOs to orchestrate their cloud resources, wherever they are hosted. They do this with the BT Compute Management System (CMS), a single window for overseeing the rapid construction and ongoing operational management of digital ecosystems. It gives

CIOs visibility of how their business applications are performing and a way to ensure end users have the best possible experience.

A tried-and-tested CMS, it has been underpinning our cloud service offerings for several years. Now it’s ready to integrate with everybody else’s. It’s a unique solution, but don’t just take our word for it. The BT Compute Management System won the Open Digital Ecosystem award at the prestigious 2015 TM Forum Excellence Awards. These awards recognise the global leaders in communications and acknowledge the contributions that take the IT industry into new and innovative directions.

We can help: ‘Throw me a line’

With our global ecosystem of partners, networks and data centres, we can help multinationals align their technology to their strategic business goals. We can support them on their digital transformation journeys, connecting disparate parts of their businesses without relinquishing control. No business is going to be successful unless it makes the most of the cloud. Good preparation starts now, with a Cloud of Clouds strategy that delivers control, choice, flexibility and security, in one package.

Find out more: ‘Be prepared’

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