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Bringing cloud services together has become a top priority for large businesses that want the agility and scale of cloud platforms without the hassle of provisioning multiple different connections. BT Cloud Connect Direct (CCD) was developed to address this problem for our customers, an MPLS service that connects them directly to leading cloud platforms, including those from Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle.

Like everything we do now, it’s a response to a fast-changing landscape that organisations are struggling to navigate. Last year in our survey of over 1,000 CIOs we got an insight into the challenges IT leaders are wrestling with. We heard how 65 per cent are struggling to make their current infrastructure support the rapid adoption of digital technologies; 97 per cent had experienced a cyber attack and believe more are on the way.

Cloud Connect Direct solves real world problems that CIOs face. The network now has to be as agile as other components in cloud ecosystems, which is why we’ve developed a solution that supports hybrid services and advances digital strategies.

Pre-configured and enterprise-class

We know that most businesses are taking different services from different cloud providers, whether it’s CRM from Salesforce, test and development from Amazon Web Services or back-up from our own BT Compute. What they need to support these hybrid strategies is pre-configured connectivity to the different clouds that can guarantee performance, resilience and security.

Not only does BT deliver on all of these with CCD, if you are already pre-connected to our MPLS network it represents great value for money. We want to make the step up from a standard internet connection to MPLS a lot more attractive. This matters because many organisations treat cloud traffic as second class, regardless of how critical the applications and services are to the business.

Another part of the problem is “shadow IT”. The convenience of the cloud is also its Achilles heel, because it’s almost too easy for different business units to sign up for services like Salesforce, bypassing the internal IT function and going direct to the cloud provider. With CCD, BT helps CIOs and IT leaders to take back control, making network services compatible with changing business needs without sacrificing enterprise-class requirements.

Taking back control

Ad hoc cloud activity undermines IT strategies, undermining security and performance measures put in place by the IT team. So the challenge is to meet the demands of the business – encouraging them to go through IT channels rather than directly to cloud providers – which means giving them the agility they need, combined with the enterprise-class features that IT needs. This is what CCD is all about.

As regulatory requirements grow and cyber threats become increasingly sophisticated, it’s imperative that IT retains control over how services are delivered and consumed. The network is fundamental to this process because it’s the connectivity that makes cloud possible. BT is focused on delivering network and infrastructure solutions that align with hybrid cloud services and digital strategies to meet current and future business needs.

We describe our service portfolio as an enabler of “The Digital Possible”, where the benefits of digital transformation are fully realised. Because every business is unique and at a different point on its digital transformation journey, our roadmap is all about providing personalised services, where network and infrastructure solutions meet specific business needs and are delivered at a pace that suits each organisation.

You are in the driving seat and you retain control. Cloud Connect Direct is there when you need it, to connect to the cloud services that you have identified as business critical in the optimal way.

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