Five reasons you need to create a hybrid network

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How to evolve your wide area network (WAN) & thrive in the digital age: the latest collaboration tools won’t get you far without the hybrid network to support them.

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Travelling at speed, but going nowhere.

Imagine you have the mammoth task of building a new high-speed rail network. Where do you even begin? It’s tempting to look at the trains themselves. After all, they provide the speedy, comfortable journey passengers are looking for.

But what will you run them on? Old railway lines just won’t cut it. You have to build the network to carry your high-speed trains. Otherwise, you’ll spend resources on bringing in the latest technology — only to find you’ve no way to use it.

It’s the same with your IT infrastructure. You want your business to take advantage of the digital age, but your network can no longer support your aims and ambitions.

The challenges of building a digital business.

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there’s a good chance that your legacy systems could be holding you back.

Here are the five challenges you might be struggling with because of it:

  1. Managing multiple services.

You want to monitor application performance (and cost), but it’s difficult when you use a range of services from different vendors.

  1. Combining legacy networks with cloud services.

You want to make the most of your existing investments, but you still want the ability to support new services.

  1. Paving the way for new services.

You want to bring in new cloud services, but your network doesn’t have the flexibility to support them.

  1. Expanding into new markets.

You want to open new sites and create business opportunities, but can’t provide cost-efficient connectivity in new regions.

  1. Integrating newly-acquired businesses.

Your business has grown through acquisition, but you need to consolidate applications, systems and business processes.

It all starts with your network.

Your organisation could be struggling with any one of the problems above. To overcome them and build a digital business, you need to develop your WAN. And you can achieve it by creating a hybrid network environment that allows you to take full advantage of the cloud.

This gives your business the flexibility and agility it needs to stride confidently into the digital age. Plus it opens up new ways to drive productivity in your organisation and beat the competition.

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