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Many leaders have already set up dashboards and alerts so that they have a clear view of how their digital infrastructure is supporting their business-critical applications. Keeping an eye on infrastructure seemed a whole lot easier when employees were largely office-based, using in-house networks and solutions. Now employees are spread across the world and their connectivity to cloud-based business applications may depend on a number of different devices and local internet connectivity.

Making sure everyone has stable, secure and efficient access to shared cloud-based digital collaboration can be like herding cats. A vital starting point is to be able to see how the network infrastructure and the applications living on it are performing at any given time. We spoke to business leaders across the globe about how important good visibility of their infrastructure is to them.

Jeremy Smith, Global Head of IT Risk and Security at Avery Dennison, told us: “We have employees in India, for instance, who may have challenges with internet bandwidth. We need to differentiate whether issues are down to web conference capability, or if it's their home internet. We're constantly looking at ways that we can improve that visibility."

Digital leaders are now looking to do more with their dashboards and use better access to applications and data layer of the infrastructure as a springboard to innovation. Clear visibility of software-defined network infrastructure can also drive cost-efficiencies as companies need only pay for what they use. This can create a business case for innovation that may not have been possible previously when costs were higher or unknown.

Clear visibility of the infrastructure puts businesses on a sure footing to make speedy and responsive decisions about mergers and acquisitions. Fergal Power, VPSourcing, Aptiv, told us: “For companies with a high level of M&A activity, the challenge of integrating acquired platforms and disposing of integrated systems from divested businesses can be difficult so the ability to be agile and flexible to pause, speed up, slow down and reconfigure the technology investment (commercially and technically) helps to reduce risks, retain early benefits and flatten the change management curve."

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