Coping with the bandwidth explosion: five things to think about

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1.  The only way is up, so put your climbing boots on

In our whitepaper titled “Riding the wave: How CIOs are shaping their networks for a digital future”, we note that by 2021, global IP traffic is expected to grow to 278 exabytes a month. If you look up the definition of an exabyte on Wikipedia, you’ll read that five exabytes equates to the size of storage required for all of the words ever spoken by human beings. Like me, I expect that this blows your mind.

2. Spinning plates is an art form

As an IT leader, what you’re striving for is to meet the business objectives of your users and internal stakeholders as quickly and efficiently as possible. While simultaneously assuring that your day-to-day operations are reliable. It’s a juggling act that needs to balance beating your competition while maintaining business continuity. There’s a real art to this.

3. Work on your core by going public

Organisations like yours are increasingly using application performance management (APM) solutions and thinking about rolling out overlay SD-WAN networks. Typically, these technologies are viewed as a way of diverting network traffic securely and automatically over public internet links as part of a hybrid WAN. This helps relieve pressure on core networks.

4. Our survey says…

More than 60% of those who responded have APM on their roadmap, with 29% and 31% respectively expecting to have completed proof of concept and full deployment within two years.

And speaking of art – visualising the performance that your application-aware SD-WAN solution controls can be a work of art.

A dashboard that simply shows performance as red, amber or green per site, per application, based on thresholds that you define; becomes your canvas for the most powerful of boardroom conversations.

5. In the end it’s about three things: service, service and service

In the same survey, when asked what was most important to them, respondents, perhaps unsurprisingly, placed service performance in pole position (74%). Followed by service availability (70%), ongoing customer support (57%) and delivery and provisioning of services (46%).

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