BT Young Scientist Boot Camp: Getting 'Entrepreneur Fit'

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At 8.30am yesterday morning (2nd March) this room was empty. It was holding its breath in anticipation.

There were: yet-to-be-flipped flip-charts, capped markers, perfect post-its and practised facilitators still experiencing some butterflies. Business and academic speakers were buzzing around. BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition award winners were assembling, most not knowing one another, wondering what lay ahead of them...

The first group exercise -

Will I lead? Do I rush in? Will I stand back and consider the options? How can I support the team?

What the BT Young Scientists were facing into

A four day business of science programme with:

  • 29 other students (14 girls and 15 boys)
  • 6 business mentors to support the teams, the mentors are volunteer from across BT Ireland staff.
  • 6 business speakers from a variety of fields
  • 6 academic experts to test team thinking

This is serious business, the objective is turn these amazing scientific ideas into real businesses. You don’t have to be a winner to make it happen.  After spending the day yesterday “storming” the students are now moving into the “norming” phase of group development.

The Bootcamp will culminate with the “performing” phase on Thursday 5th March 2015 when the teams will present their business plans to a judging panel comprised of academics and senior business professionals.

Already the teams are starting to look ‘entrepreneur fit’ to present their business ideas. What a great start to an amazing week and there are still three days of it left.


Steve Coakley


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