Be application-aware with SD-WAN for the digital age

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There’s no escaping that we’re now in the digital-age. As IDC say in their FutureScape: Worldwide Services 2019 predictions, ‘by 2020, the breadth of digital ecosystems will have grown 55% for service buyers and suppliers, with buyers increasingly favouring suppliers that can help them innovate using more complex ecosystems.’ They go on to say that ‘digital transformation is not just about technology change — it's not even primarily about technology change. Digital technologies are critical enablers of transformation, but it is changes to business processes, operating models, and even business models that define success or failure.’


In our recent BrightTalk webinar: ‘How to make your network smarter with application intelligence’, we discussed how our partnership with Infovista brings all of the SD-WAN features coupled with over 10 years’ experience optimising networks for global businesses.

We know that the network is your organisation’s lifeblood. How your people communicate and how customers communicate with you is defined by the network policies you operate.

In my customer conversations, three key drivers have come up when considering an application-aware SD-WAN from BT and Infovista:

Your business application strategy needs:

1.     A great end-user experience to maximise your employees’ productivity on those critical business apps

2.     A smooth introduction into the business to keep your costs down and reduce support calls to your internal help-desk

3.     The right investment so you can properly manage your new application. You can see its performance, right-size your network and save costs with fewer upgrades and by getting the best use out of your bandwidth.

You’re facing three business challenges in the digital age

A recent study (Foundation for Digital Transformation, Optimized User Experience & Network Readiness, by EIQ Research & InfoVista) showed that the top three business challenges today are:

1.     Agility

2.     Cloud migration

3.     Application performance

74% of retailers say that their network is what gets in the way of an effective customer journey. 70% of manufacturers can’t provide an effective end-user experience and 50% of financial institutions are constrained by their network capacity.

Doing nothing isn’t an option

There’s a long list of business risks, if you don’t do anything:

1. A network that can't keep up with your business

2. Threats posed by digital start-ups who’re more agile and quicker to market

3. You’ll be less cost-efficient (by wasting bandwidth)

4. Your applications won’t perform at their best

5. Your cloud is too complicated which mitigates its benefits

6. A lack of insight results in poor network planning and bad choices that impact costs (typically we over-provision)

7. Integration is still too complex (with partners, acquisition, etc.)

8. Security is expensive and not up to scratch.

Need a full end-to-end view across your application and network infrastructure, improving performance and delivering the user experience your customers and employees demand? That’s what BT Connect Intelligence Infovista delivers.

The value we bring is down to our people. Our Infovista partnership integrated with our expertise to drive outcomes and benefits is powerful. Our design, application specialists and network engineering teams drive and optimise a combined underlay and SD-WAN overlay solution to support your enterprise network needs. You can watch our webinar replay here to learn more.

An application-aware SDWAN from BT and Infovista will optimise your operating model through smooth business application adoption. Business processes will improve because the best end-user experience is automated and business cases are given an injection of cost-deferral and earlier migration project delivery.

The time is right to tackle business risks head on

Now is the time for global enterprises to decide on the direction of their future network. One of our experts can call you or you can contact me directly.


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