15 Minutes with Shay: Talent Acquisition and Corporate Social Responsibility

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Last month Shay dove into security a topic that is high on the corporate agenda. This month our MD focuses on an essential area of business which many a recruiter struggles with in this current climate- Talent Acquisition and how BT maintain a strong list of employing the right people for the job. We talk to Shay about another key issue, which is Corporate Social Responsibility which for many an organisation is proving to be a difficult one to progress.

Shay hiring the right people for the job is an essential objective for many a company, Is talent acquisition too much of a problem, How is BT ensuring that a fair trial is had?

“Employee Diversity is something that is difficult to perfect and something that all company’s struggle with. We track that we have a balanced interview board and a balanced panel of people to interview, so that we stand a chance of at least having a diversified company in terms of gender, ethnicity, and age.

As a technology company we do have that inherent problem that most technology courses are dominated by male and not female. Therefore everyone is drawing on a smaller pool of individuals from the gender perspective.

A lot of our recent recruits are from South America, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, so that gives us global diversity coming in with different backgrounds, and improving communications barriers where many companies struggle.

It’s a big challenge, we’re not moving the needle any slower or any faster than anybody else is as it’s a difficult problem to fix; the most important point is to recognise it’s a problem and actually try and focus and work towards fixing it. We’re beginning to do that in terms of gender equality. One of our metrics is to have at least a 50/50 split gender across BT.

“The best person will always get the job and that’s the most important thing”. If you’ve a balanced pool to pick from there’s a greater chance that you will have a more diverse employee base. It is to recognise that you have a problem and address it. You can’t control the gender, ethnicity or the age of the employee’s we have, but we can influence the spread and mix of those coming into the company.”

75% of Irish CEO’s said that hiring people has become more difficult

What is BT doing in order to improve sustainability?

In terms of Sustainability I believe our platforms are well set up, well-invested in and efficient, this is an area of significant focus for our Head of Networks Alan Shanley. In terms of our environmental impact, there’s more work to be done there.

The more you work in this area the more you realise how much work there is to be done. The challenge for us is how we become carbon neutral by 2025, a seven to ten year journey. I’d like to think we can work towards that ourselves.”

According to Newsweek, BT is the 8th most sustainable Business in the world, and the greenest telco

Tune in next month for the fifth instalment of ‘Moments with Shay’ where he talks about the key market drivers that has not only led to BT’s success but also the success of many organisations trading within Ireland.

Shay Walsh