15 minutes with Shay: Key market drivers in Ireland

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Welcome to the fifth instalment of ‘15 minutes with Shay’. In this interview Shay has his say on the past financial year, what the key market drivers are for Ireland’s growing economy and how that has led to BT’s success in Ireland. He also talks about how BT are planning to grow in the future and what people should expect from us in this coming year.

What are the key market drivers in Ireland that have led to BT’s success in Ireland?

“The continued growth in the level of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ireland is a key market driver for us. Since 2012 there has been a doubling of headquartered FDI companies coming in to the country. Generally these are global multinationals, dominated by US organisations. We work closely with the IDA to ensure that we are in contact with those companies as they set up and expand in Ireland and that is key for us.

The IDA had their most successful year last year, where they had over twenty thousand new jobs come into the country through FDI. That’s a combination of new companies arriving and current companies expanding. For us, our global footprint along with our local capability differentiates us from competitors.

The other piece of course is our wholesale channel and with the continued adoption and expansion of broadband. As our population expands by one to two percent every year so will the customer base. The national broadband plan will open up more opportunities for our wholesale customers such as Sky, Vodafone or Virgin Media to potentially go into regional areas to deliver broadband and possibly move away from the provision of media content through satellite.”

57% of Irish CEOs are positive about the future growth prospects for Ireland’s economy

After the successful year that BT had, what actions are BT taking to continue this growth, what should people expect from BT this year?

“From BT’s perspective, definitely the continued development of this new wave of services for our customers. SD-WAN network services have now gone from early adopters to a service that’s in growth, while the megacloud may well be further up the curve. However the digital transformation of BT’s product sets puts us at a distinct advantage. That coupled with the fact that GMNC’s continue to land and expand in Ireland, we are in a wave of prosperity and it’s a wave we intend to ride.

BT is taking the leading 5G position in the UK which demonstrates the focus that we have with ongoing research and development as a leading technology company.

The continued investment in the digital journey by BT has led to a number of world leading, in my view, SD-WAN solutions; including Agile Connect, vIPtela and Merakie, also I think Nokia Nuage is one that is recognised by a number of our customers.

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Tune in next month for the next instalment of ’15 minutes with Shay’ where our MD talks about the importance of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition an event that helps create the future innovators of the world.

Shay Walsh