15 minutes with Shay: IT challenges facing organisations today

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15 minutes with Shay: IT challenges facing organisations today

As managing director of BT, Shay Walsh is in charge of over 600 employees in Ireland, which on the back of a successful year is producing a turnover of over €400m. BT Ireland continues to grow under Shay’s leadership and insight which is key to its success in Ireland. This is the first in a series of blogs where we asked the MD his views on the industry and future trends. In this blog, Shay hones in on the challenges many organisations are struggling with today.  The growing investment in both cloud and SD-WAN, IT adoption and the burden of outdated systems are all front of mind.

What are the key IT challenges organisations are faced with today?

“An organisation’s biggest challenge is figuring out what technologies to adopt and when. SD-WAN, Unified Communications, and megacloud all form part of an IT strategy. But understanding if an organisation should adopt, how they should adopt and when to adopt are often tough questions to answer.

There are so many things to consider. If we take cloud as an example, most CIOs are grappling with cloud migration because they’re restricted by their legacy systems, the cost of moving to the cloud and scrapping existing models are prohibitive. Every organisation is at a different starting point with no one having the luxury of a “clean slate”, trying to balance legacy and new adds to the complexity.

Companies need more insight into how their network is performing. They need a birds-eye view of networked clients, bandwidth consumption, and application usage across all sites. This helps them streamline activity and optimise performance and user experience. This deep visibility and control offers real opportunity for global organisations and with that there’s a growing need for more APIs. This is a challenge that they’re putting back to us as improved insights helps them to be more efficient. We see this specifically in the contact centre space, the need for better insight is a common theme for this pool of customers.

54% of Irish CEOs say their organisation’s growth will be driven by operational efficiencies.

Following on from that question, do you think CEOs look to invest more in services to address these challenges?

Companies don’t necessarily need to directly invest in and manage the technology themselves. Instead they should look to partner with the best service providers to digitally transform themselves. Using expert partners allows them to make the most of a range of cloud and communications services.

Take SD-WAN as an example, companies want a flexible secure network so they can use a range of cloud communications services confidently. Rather than building it themselves they use our network services instead to do the same thing.

We work with our customers to come up with solutions for them. And we make it easy for them to do business with us, so they have more time to focus on other business priorities.”

Gartner has forecast SD-WAN to grow at a 59% compound annual growth rate through 2021 to become a 1.3 billion market.

Tune in next month for the second instalment of our interview with Shay. He’ll talk more on how companies can address these challenges and how BT can help.

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