15 minutes with Shay: how BT are helping customers address IT challenges

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Welcome to the second instalment of ’15 minutes with Shay’, last month Shay talked about the key IT challenges that are affecting organisations today. This month our MD talks more about how companies can address these challenges and how BT can help.

Shay you mentioned that customers are faced with a number of challenges, but how are BT helping companies address them and what is BT investing in to support their customer?

“The extensive services portfolio that we offer improves flexibility and the ability to use cloud services. In addition to this we are also investing in our own business support systems and operations support systems. This will help us improve services and agility, it will also allow us to offer customers better insight to how the IT is performing. The improvements will allow us to offer shorter lead times for ordering systems and serving the customer. The investment over 5 years is roughly 11-12 million.

We are continuing to significantly invest in our business, in our core networks and our data centres. We ensure that they are modernised and in line with current trends. For our data centres we look to ensure they are efficient from power to cooling.

Our network sites throughout the country are very advanced, we have closed down the legacy voice platform. We’ve also closed some of our long standing radio networks which allows us to focus on other key areas. An example of this is our recent trial of a high speed network connection (optical 400 gigahertz) which is market leading. Our investment in caching is improving network performances for a number of our major customers.”

BT’s network reaches 198 countries and territories across the world.

Finally, Shay we know that you’re an avid Dublin GAA football fan, with the all-Ireland final just around the corner what is your view on Dublin’s drive for five?

“I’ll be in the Hill for their matches. I think Leinster unfortunately doesn’t give Dublin a test and hasn’t done, I think Meath have gone backwards a little bit but are now coming back into it and now into division 1 of the league. I think they’ll prove to be a bigger test next year.

We are now in the all-Ireland final after a great super 8’s and now face off against one of Dublin’s oldest rivals, Kerry. I’m sure they will have a lot to say about it and have something to prove come September 1st. Everyone wants to stop us, even though I think 4 is a big achievement, I think 5, when you get to that level, 5 certainly is something that’s never been done before so it has to be something that will encourage them.”

Dublin first won the all-Ireland senior football  championship in 1892    

Tune in next month for the third instalment of ‘Moments with Shay’ where our MD discusses how BT are handling the growing need for security In order to protect our data.

Shay Walsh