The joy of conference calls

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Conference calls are now the norm to connect a mobile workforce.

If you use conference calls regularly, then this four minute Tripp and Tyler parody will ring true with you. It has been doing the rounds for some time now, but it still makes me laugh a lot. And it does highlight some of the problems that we end-users encounter.


Getting side-tracked

Like Beth I can get easily distracted. Not by solitaire; but by my inbox. To stop myself from checking my emails I nearly always turn on my video when on a conference call. I am sometimes the only person that people can see, but at least it focuses me on the call. (This doesn't work so well if your guilty behaviour is to take calls in your PJs).

Use Video to stop yourself getting sidetracked and to keep everyone focused on the topic in hand.

Breaking up, unclear audio, and interruptions

As I push my headphones or receiver closer and closer against my ear, sometimes I wonder if my hearing is going. On some of the calls I am on people sound like Daleks from Doctor Who; people drop off regularly because of bad coverage; and some people, like Tyler in the video, sound like they are coming in and out of consciousness. But now when I set up a meeting, I do it with HD (high Definition) sound and I can tell who is talking and it separates the business person from the noises of a dog barking or a kettle boiling in the background.

Use High definition Voice to make your calls more efficient

Meeting for meetings sake. Don’t do it!

Did you catch the bit at the end where Tripp says “You’ll send out a recap email that could have done, instead of of this whole meeting”? Arghhh. There is a place for meetings, whether they are face to face, or on a conferencing call.

Check if a meeting is needed in the first place! The latest conferencing functionalities help you work better together, even when you are not in the same room. It helps you to make quick and informed decisions, and perhaps even close deals quicker.

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Liz Edwards