WhatsAppening in the workplace?

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Instant messaging is making big inroads in the office.

The amount of people using WhatsApp has erupted in the last couple of years – more than two thirds of us now message for both personal and professional reasons. Other platforms get a look in too – Facebook Messenger, Google Talk, Skype – they’re all seeing more people using them. And texting isn’t going away either over half of us still send texts to each another. We’ve seen this messaging momentum manifest itself into a surge of customers who prefer webchat when talking to companies. Webchat is nearly always faster than email and customers get a record of the conversation which makes them feel more reassured.  But it’s not just in the contact centres. instant messaging (IM)  is also shaping how we communicate in the back office.

IM is deemed the second most productive collaboration technology in the workplace and we’re seeing more and more of our people using it. It’s a powerful tool for quickly finding out who’s available and getting an answer or opinion on something. . And the ability to seamlessly move from IM to a voice call, video call or shared desktop, only reinforce its effectiveness.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. With the growing desire to use IM and other collaborative tools comes a growing frustration with our work devices. Employees aren’t happy with their mobile tools. Over two thirds of business executives claim their personal smartphone is better than the one they have for work.

With such powerful applications at our fingertips, it’s really important our devices let us maximise their potential. There’s nothing more frustrating than a laptop or smartphone that doesn’t support the newest capabilities. Nine out of ten executives say the CIO should focus on updating mobile devices.

How advanced is your collaboration technology? Can you easily track and review the instant messages you get? Can you make calls to people outside your organisation using your IM platform? Or how easy is it to even message people outside your organisation?

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