Do you trust your team to work away from the office?

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Over the last 20 years, mass adoption of new technologies has transformed the way we go about our work. Laptops, tablets and smartphones are now the norm for most of us when completing our daily tasks. We’re emailing, instant messaging, conference calling and video conferencing on a regular basis, we are collaborating more now than we ever have.

Most organisations of course have adapted to this change, employees have been equipped with the technology required to effectively deliver on their duties. But rather than just looking at ‘how’ we do our work, what impact is all this technology having on ‘where’ we do our work?

One in two office workers believe they have most of what they need to do their job, in a bag they carry with them on the go. 67% say that being given the flexibility to work from the office, at home, in cafes, or while travelling, is now more important than been given a company car. Placing this kind of value on mobile working, means leaders need to think about whether their mobility strategy (that’s assuming they have a mobility strategy) will attract the best workers to their organisation.

When determining critical components of a mobility strategy, it’s imperative to do research and understand what’s right for the employees and what’s right for the business (in most cases both will be the same). Generally, office workers want better tools on their mobile devices for speedier communications and decisions. This makes sense for any business too, considering 54% of mobile employees say they waste time trying to get hold of people resulting in delayed decisions.

Employees want screen sharing (69%) Instant Messaging (62%) and video conferencing (48%) on their smartphones. They want collaboration on the go, and the better the experience, the greater the benefits for the business. Research shows that office workers who find mobile working easier, want more from their devices so they can be even more productive when away from the office.

But what makes it easy for some employees to work within a mobile environment where others struggle? What can leaders do today, to make it easier for their employees to be mobile? They can do 3 things – 1) They can trust their employees to work away from the office, 2) they can make sure they have connectivity to the best mobile networks and 3) they can provide the right software infrastructure that promotes applications for easy access to all their work documents and files.

If you want to discuss how best to get your workforce mobile, be sure to contact your local BT team where you will benefit from all the learnings and experiences of our global operations.

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