There’s never been a stronger link between collaboration technology and productivity

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Aristotle once said, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. And the ancient Greek philosopher’s words still ring true today as much as they did back then. There’s a relentless drive within companies to help employees collaborate, to reach better decisions and to do it faster. By bringing workers together we can share knowledge and experience. Together, we can be better.

Aristotle never knew of Information Technology (he was about 2300 years too early), but we’d need to pick him up off the floor if he saw the power we now have at our fingertips. International colleagues, thousands of miles apart, can come face-to-face with a simple video call. Instant messages flow across geographical regions as immediate answers are sought from subject matter experts. It needn’t matter where these people are, or even which kind of device they’re using.

The best IT leaders make sure it’s easy for their people to work with each other. 90% of IT decision makers and employees agree that when IT improves communication systems, people are more productive. Key to that is having mobile tools and collaboration services available. This is the stand out trend in our latest research into employees and digital technology.

The link between collaboration technology and productivity is as strong as it’s ever been. 80% of business executives point to better communications as a big driver of success. Even employees want to be more productive. We know this because the majority of them tell us that if they were CEO, boosting productivity would be their number one priority.

To capitalise on the opportunity collaboration offers, business leaders need to ask themselves how well their existing communication infrastructure can optimise employee interaction. What mobile and collaboration tools are being used? How effective are they for communicating across different offices, regions and countries? How equipped are IT partners to support your business ambitions?

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