IT leaders make U-turn on cloud deployments

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The use of the cloud, both public and private, has grown steadily across enterprise IT departments. As positive experiences grow, decision makers become more confident that the cloud is a viable alternative to their existing on-premises infrastructure. The confidence comes as IT departments have realised and validated the benefits associated with the cloud.

Organisations who have successfully deployed cloud models are becoming more flexible and are responding quicker to their business needs. Technology spend is now more aligned to business trends, IT systems are more centralised and simplified. Costs are down, productivity is up. Employees and customers are happier now than they were before.

These benefits are impacting decisions across technology roadmaps. Cloud is now the most popular way of providing collaboration solutions. This is a complete turn-around when compared to two years ago. Over 80% of IT decision makers now believe cloud will be the accepted way for collaboration. The key benefit of the cloud is that it’s easier to keep up to date and current. Cloud systems have now become the number one priority for IT investments.

The biggest challenge is comparing cloud to traditional IT models. Take an existing communications platform for example. Gathering a thorough understanding of the total cost of ownership and comparing that to a cloud offering isn’t easy. Many aspects not directly associated with the existing platform include the cost of upkeep and maintenance, PSTN access charges, cost of software refresh, cost of hardware refresh, and much more. These need to be considered but rarely are.

Does your organisation currently use a cloud service model for any business critical applications? Have you got a decent collaboration strategy in place?

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