Is your company scared of large IT projects? Don’t let fear stop you from doing the right thing.

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“It’s too big and it’s too complex!” That’s not an uncommon response in organisations when talking about the big, transformational projects to move communication and collaboration tools to the cloud. Without the right knowledge, it’s all too easy to let these concerns get in the way of a good idea. Here’s a few pointers to get those good ideas up and running.


Open your eyes to the challenge, it is real… but so are the rewards

Transformational projects are big, and they are complex. It’s important to note this. Rarely is it an easy task to change the way people work, particularly for organisations that employ tens of thousands of people in multiple locations around the world. That being said, the bigger the project and the greater the complexity, the grander the rewards. When the stakes are high, so is the prize.

Understand your organisation

Many of the organisations we speak with, are looking to move away from mixed legacy IT estates and a myriad of different vendors. Few of them are located in one place, inevitably they have a mix of sites that vary in size and that span across countries and continents. They come with a whole bunch of end-user types too, with varied requirements – field sales teams, office employees, branch staff, C-suite executives and more. Make sure you understand your own organisation’s complexities, you know it intimately and are best equipped raise the flag where necessary.

Have a proven approach to follow

Overcoming the naysayers and blockers to big projects requires detail and a depth of knowledge that will put everyone at ease. There’s no ‘one right way’ to deliver success but having a plan or a proven approach for delivery is an important first step. Walking the team through a clear roadmap of activity will help bring your vision to life and put clarity on what lies ahead.

Make sure you’re equipped with the right tools

When you’re managing multiple technologies and multiple vendors, it’s important that key decision makers have access to the right tools that give a snapshot of what’s going on in the environment at any point in time. Rather than having an army of engineers trying to detect faults or pre-empt problems, the best monitoring tools will give you real-time insights into performance and provide intuitive dashboards that will help identify issues as they occur.

Boost your team with the right experience

Most organisations don’t go through transformational projects often – once every five to 10 years. The average tenure of an employee is reported to only be four to five years. So when an organisation goes through a transformation project, the chances are a good chunk of the team from the last project have moved on. This can leave an experience gap that needs to be plugged. Make sure the IT partners you choose have been down this road before

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