Great collaboration tools can boost productivity!

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We recently surveyed 5,000 business executives and 600 IT decision makers across 11 global markets. And the message they gave us couldn’t have been stronger. If organisations invest in better digital experiences, they’ll be rewarded with a huge boost in productivity.

Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana, Google Hangouts, Dropbox paper, the list goes on. All the heavy hitters and a plethora of ambitious tech start-ups are making big investments in productivity tools to help employees work better together.

This area of focus is supported by a strong upward trend in workers attitudes. The majority of employees and IT decision makers (over 90 per cent) agree that mobile tools and collaboration services are improving productivity across their organisations.  

Improving productivity is a priority amongst 81 per cent of business executives, and it’s the main benefit of improving digital experience.  Right now, only a quarter of business executives would describe their digital experience at work as ‘excellent’. Despite the disjoint with their CEOs (37 per cent think they provide an ‘excellent digital experience’), the view that there’s room to improve is a common one.

A better employee experience doesn’t have to mean massive investments or disruption. It’s just about putting people first and helping them make the most of the tools and services you already have. IT doesn’t have to take a lone role in this either, success depends on other departments rowing in behind them.
To change employee behaviour, the entire business needs to support it. And to deliver a phenomenal user experience, HR, property services and other internal teams need to be involved too.

We’ve been researching the digital workplace since 2010. It helps us better understand the challenges organisations face when rolling out transformational projects. Our latest whitepaper to come from this study is ‘People, productivity and the digital workplace’. Click here to download your complimentary copy.



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