Five reasons you must provide mobile working

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The dynamic and diverse nature of the modern workforce is forcing organisational change from within. Whether desired or not, c-suite executives are being increasingly met with the challenge of facilitating a ‘work on the go’ environment.

According to our recent research, employees are demanding greater flexibility. They want more options when it comes to when, and where, they do their work.

1) More people are working away from the office more often

Our study of employees across Europe revealed that just 13% claim to never work away from the office. Almost 9 out of 10 employees make the effort to carry out some tasks remotely, tasks such as completing sales, building business cases, addressing customer concerns or even tackling IT issues. With so many employees making the extra effort outside the office, leaders must ask themselves if their business processes and IT infrastructure are set-up to support mobile working effectively.

2) The more employees have a good experience of work on the go, the more benefits you see.

A good end user experience is vital when it comes to flexible working. Those surveyed that find mobile working easier, want more from their devices so they can do even more work on the go. 73% would rather their IT department invest in mobile technology than their office desk. Leaders need to think about what their colleagues want access to on their mobile devices to drive effectiveness and how to deliver the infrastructure needed for great experience at all times.

3) The dawn of the ‘shoulder bag’ worker

50% of office workers say they have most of what they need to do their job, in a bag they carry around with them. These ‘shoulder bag’ workers can feel hindered by business policies that prevent flexible working, or by line managers who prefer their employees to be in the office at all times. Mobile working is at their fingertips, but a lack of trust from their leaders can be perceived as the reason behind its refusal.

4) Employees choose flexible working over a company car

67% of employees believe ‘being able to work on the move, at home and flexibly through good technology is more important to them than being offered a company car’. In fact, today’s office workers put flexible working top of the benefits package from the ideal employer, with 76% including it in their top three priorities.

5) Job candidates factor mobile working into their decision-making

With flexible working a key component of a remuneration and benefits package, job hunters are actively seeking out information on a company’s work policy. 54% of employees say they consider how good an employer’s tech offering is when choosing who to work for. To compete and attract the best employees in the workforce, flexible working is fast becoming a standard requirement.

Read more from our recent research into flexible working. It has identified some clear trends in employee behaviour and attitudes and it also raises significant questions for business leaders.

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