Artificial Intelligence, psychographics and people

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The key ingredients for customer service success in 2019.

As part of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, we held our seventh annual lunch with the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA). With an impressive line-up of speakers, senior figures from across the customer service industry descended on the RDS for another intriguing event. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and psychographics were on the agenda as well as an in depth discussion with Blizzard Entertainment on how they achieved the status of the ‘Best Contact Centre in Ireland’ in 2018.

Keith Griffin, Principal Engineer from the Office of the CTO at Cisco Systems, was first to take to the stage and praised the emergence of the ‘assisted experience’ in the customer service environment.

By using artificial intelligence and machine learning, service teams can improve their customer journey by providing assisted capabilities. Keith is adamant that this technology is not a fad, it’s here to stay. He believes that the longevity of these new technologies is based on the experience of real results that Cisco have witnessed in the field. It’s hard to disagree with his view, and probably why he identifies this as a top priority for customer service departments.

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Following Keith’s opening, our very own Joe Walsh was joined on stage by Rory Devitt, Group Manager, Customer Services EU and Paul McSherry, Communications Manager from Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard Entertainment were worthy recipients of the CCMA Best Contact Centre Award in November and the audience were keen to hear the story behind their success. Rory and Paul walked the audience through the importance of three pillars – people, process and technology – and how we need to understand where these cross over to run an efficient customer service department. If you can underpin this with a strong, supportive culture, a culture built on trust amongst management, employees and customers, you’ll be firmly on the road to customer service success.

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The event’s keynote speaker was international speaker, best-selling author and Web psychology expert Nathalie Nahai. Nathalie rounded off our lunch event by underlining the importance of understanding the context of our customer communications through the use of psychographics.

Identifying the personality traits of our customers and the language they’re using will improve how we show empathy in our communications. Improving our ability to get on top of this area will allow for the implementation of techniques like ‘mirroring’ (which you’ll hear more about in Nathalie’s video). That’ll lead to healthier dialogue and ultimately more satisfied customers.

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