Are your employees putting your data at risk?

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We’ve been impressed with the way the various digital data gatherers have mobilised their responses to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Inboxes have been flooded with requests to stay opted-in, to update privacy policies or to urgently check your account details. With all this focus on data protection it’s no surprise that over 90% of IT decision makers say security has become more important in their organisations over the last two years.

It’s always been at the forefront of both employers and employees minds. Employers are nervous that they’ll be exposed to data breaches. This is reflected in the 79% of IT decision makers that worry their colleagues and fellow employees are compromising data through the way they use social media.

Employees are anxious too. Anxious that they’ll unknowingly be the cause of a data breach, bringing their company into disrepute and facing penalties and fines. It often stems from a lack of knowledge around security issues. When we asked employees to responds to a list of questions about data security in their organisation, the most common answer was ‘I don’t know’.

Security concerns continue to be the biggest barrier to providing a better digital experiences, like mobile working. Thousands of office workers have lost their mobile devices (or had them stolen) putting the abundance of customer and commercial data they store at risk. Staff turnover is another issue, many office workers think employees who store commercially sensitive data on their mobile devices and then leave, are a risk to employers.

While the introduction of GDPR did set the cat amongst the pigeons, organisations found their way through it. It forced focus on the topic and drove action to comply with regulation. Our research between 2016 and 2018 shows that large organisations have made progress. But there’s much more to be done, including educating senior business executives about the security features already in place.

Ask yourself or your organisation, how do you stop people connecting to rogue wi-fi? What security do you have in place if someone loses a device? How much do your employees know about the security you have in place to protect them?

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