Are your employees concerned about costs, and is it reducing productivity?

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Smart businesses actively manage the day-to-day costs of smartphones and other mobile devices used within their organisation. The majority of employees will confirm this, and it makes complete sense. But how your organisation goes about this cost management, could be creating a false economy. Is this happening in your company?

Our recent study into mobile working revealed that employees can be frustrated by cost control measures. Despite their best intentions, these measures can hamper employees work efforts and reduce their productivity. 20% of office workers say they often run out of mobile data, while 37% don’t use their mobile devices too much when overseas because of concerns about roaming charges.

Organisational leaders need understand if restrictive measures surrounding mobile usage is limiting their employees’ efforts while away from the office. An inability to receive an email or download a presentation can result in failure to capitalise on a sales opportunity. Loss of access to customer records might delay responses to customer queries, losing business in the process. The value of these missed opportunities could be far greater than the money saved on mobile access.

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile (nearly one in two now claim to make the majority of their work calls through a mobile or smartphone), the negative impact of some cost control measures will become even more significant. Business leaders need to ask if their priority is to reduce IT and networking expenditure, or is it to establish an IT environment that best serves the needs of its employees, and one that is delivered through the most cost efficient manner available?

This cost conundrum experienced by organisations is just one of five key trends revealed in our research into mobile working. Download your complimentary copy here to read the four other trends and discover the steps you can take to fast track the effectiveness of your employees.

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