8 reasons why you need Cisco Umbrella to protect your organisation

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With 70 per cent of malware seen this year being unique to each organisation, the cyber threats are real.  CISOs are finding it difficult to get ahead of the growing threat landscape, the attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and they may feel like they’re losing the battle. When we consider that 71 per cent of companies targeted by ransomware attacks have been infected, it’s easy to see why IT departments are feeling the pressure. But as far as malware is concerned, prevention is always better than cure and having the right tools in your kit-bag is key.

Cisco Umbrella is one of those tools. It can give you the foresight you need to defend your organisation. It’s a security service application, delivered from the cloud, which provides the first layer of defence against threats, wherever users go. Today, we take a look at some of its key benefits and how it can help your organisation defend against cyber threats.

1) It’s scalable to meet your needs

Umbrella is cloud-based, meaning there’s no hardware to set-up or software to maintain, and it can scale to meet your organisation’s needs.

2) Visibility and protection wherever your users are

Cisco Umbrella can protect devices on and off your network – including roaming Windows and Mac laptops, Chromebooks, iPhones, and even IOT devices.  This means you can protect your workforce wherever they are online - not just when they're in the office.

3)  You can stay secure without impacting user performance

Umbrella works at the DNS layer for lightning fast performance and its intelligent proxy routes only requests to risky domains for deeper URL and file inspection to accelerate performance.    

4) Easily integrates with existing systems

If you already have security appliances, intelligence platforms, or custom in-house tools, Umbrella can easily work alongside them, and even makes them work better by reduces the number of incidents that they need to process. This means you can get the most from your existing tools and enrich your incident response data while enhancing protection. 

5) It proactively blocks threats before they happen

Umbrella sees the relationships between malware, URLs, domains, IPs, and networks across the internet. It analyses internet activity patterns from more than 150 billion DNS requests from 90 million users worldwide every day. It automatically identifies infrastructure being staged for the next attack using a combination of statistical and machine learning models, as well as human intelligence. Then it proactively blocks your users from these threats before a connection is ever made or a file is ever downloaded.

6) It's easy to deploy and manage

Because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, deployment is quick and painless. It’s as simple as pointing your DNS to the Umbrella global network.  You  can start protecting users across your business in minutes.

7) It won’t disrupt your people

Umbrella is always on and always protecting, without your end users needing to do anything. They won’t experience slow or broken connections and it won’t use up all the resources on their devices.

8) It’s fast and reliable

It’s built on a global network of 30 data centers, including 11 in Europe and the UK, co-located with the largest internet exchange points around the world. And it’s maintained 100 per cent business uptime since launching in 2006. Umbrella uses Anycast routing — every data centre announces the same IP address, so requests are transparently sent to the fastest available with automated failover.

Seem too good to be true? Seeing is believing, so why not sign up for a free 14-day trial and see for yourself?



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