10 questions every leader needs to ask about mobility and the cloud

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‘Where do we start? There’s so much choice we don’t know where to begin. For some new technologies, we just don’t have the skills and experience we need.’

This is an increasingly common conundrum that enterprise IT leaders face, across all industries. Technical innovation has grown rapidly. And so too have the opportunities to reduce costs to improve employee productivity and increase customer loyalty. But knowing where to begin, can be the biggest nut to crack.

Embracing the opportunities afforded by mobility, big data, analytics or cloud presents big challenges within enterprises. Most IT teams are made up of traditional IT skills whereas experience with new technologies is at a premium (cue the recent rapid growth of advisory divisions across the leading consultancy houses).

Providing a clear, concise IT strategy over the medium-long term is the first step to achieving your wider business objectives. Knowing what you’re trying to do from a business perspective and translating it into an IT plan will help shape all short-term IT decisions, giving clarity and direction to IT managers.

But there are plenty of questions that need answering. Should enterprises move their telephony to the cloud or leave it on site? What does this mean for customer contact centres or internal IT teams? Do employees have the right collaboration tools? Should we consolidate our suppliers or have more? Without clarity over the long-term strategy, these decisions become more complex and can impact future decisions by limiting options.

As part of our survey of more than 5000 employees, we focused on the questions business leaders should ask their IT departments to help shape strategy. With improving employee productivity in mind, these 10 questions can act as a good starting point for those discussions – and help inform the wider business strategy and IT roadmap.

1) How easy is it for our people to work away from the office?

2) Are there new collaboration tools which our organisation doesn’t use, that could improve communication and decision making? (Both in and out the office.)

3) What’s the benefits of these new tools and will they make our business more productive?

4) Have we asked our employees what changes they’d like to see on their desk and mobile devices to improve communication?

5) Do our people have enough mobile data or are we limiting their productivity away from the office?

6) Are there new deployment options, like private or public clouds, that can improve efficiency within our IT infrastructure?

7) Do our employees know what security measures are in place for the mobile devices they use for work?

8) What can we do to cut how much we spend on employee devices and monitor it more cost effectively?

9) How much is the organisation investing in office-based versus mobile technology? Is this the right balance?

10) Are we working hard to cut the cost of IT networking and drive down expenditure?

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