ISO/IEC 20000 Certification: Being the best you can

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BT Managed Services & Data Centre Business has been recertified to ISO20000 for another 3 years

To deliver excellent customer service, quality is inherent in the way we do business. International standards are strategic tools and guidelines to help companies tackle some of the most demanding challenges of modern business. They ensure that business operations are as efficient as possible and increase productivity. This type of commitment sets you apart from your competitors. A commitment to quality is the very foundation of a strong brand and business strategy.

ISO20000 & IT Service Management

ISO20000 is the international standard for quality management specifically focused around IT service management. Certification to ISO20000 ensures that services are delivered in a way that drives customer satisfaction and leads to on-going continuous improvement.

BT has a long standing commitment to best practice within IT Service Management, 9 years of ISO20000 certification sets us apart from our competitors.

BT Ireland is ISO20000 certified for all our Managed Services customers including data centre, hosting, cloud business and for IT service contracts for major clients such as Bank of Ireland.

It’s one thing achieving certification; however it’s another thing completely to continue to retain it.

BT is dedicated to improving and developing our processes to best support our customers. Certification helps us benchmark how we deliver and improve our services, measure and assess performance, demonstrate ability to meet customer requirements and create a framework for an independent assessment.

ITIL certification is concerned with people whereas ISO20000 certifies companies

The ISO20000 processes are based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Framework but are independently audited against the standard by LRQA (Lloyds of London) twice a year and fully recertified every three years.  ITIL certification is concerned with people whereas ISO20000 certifies companies and ensures they are compliant to the standard.

 In July this year, BT Managed Services was recertified to ISO20000 for another 3 years. The recertification recognises BT’s maturity in providing data centre and ICT managed solutions as a company-wide entity as opposed to having accredited individuals.

It has quickly become the standard that all ICT service providers are challenged to attain and maintain and this is why companies from across the globe have opted to host their mission critical systems with BT. Being able to provide externally audited, best practice, IT managed services demonstrates this commitment in providing customers with an efficient and reliable service that we are continually improving.

A global ICT provider with data centre solutions at its core

BT is a Global ICT provider and has positioned data centre solutions at the core of its portfolio; it has over 45 data centres across the globe, 22 of which are within Europe and three of these are situated on the island of Ireland. The very nature of data centre hosting requires a trusted partner, this is something that BT has understood for many years, and it is why our City West data centre is a highly accredited data centre.

The certification process for ISO/IEC 20000 is not an easy one. It’s a very demanding project, requiring a lot of resources. This makes it even more appreciated in the market.

In business, you need to understand what sets you apart from the competition, be the BEST you can and use it to market your company.

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