Enterprise IT Strategy: Hybrid Cloud dominated by Private

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This is the 2nd in a series of blogs by Barry Mc Mahon on Cloud.

Cloud is maturing as a market offering and as more organisations move through IDCs 5 stages of Cloud maturity, signs of what the dominant IT environments of the future will look like are starting to become clearer.

The gap between stage 1: Adhoc (immediate need and usually unauthorised use) and stage 5: Optimised (IT Enabled products adding business value) is largely due to organisations having an IT strategy and implementing it, and those that have no IT strategy at all.

The characteristics of the organisations that are moving to the latter stages of cloud maturity indicated that they are consuming or plan to consume more private cloud than public cloud.

In this report, Cloud going mainstream: all are trying, some are benefiting; few are maximising value“, we reveal that of the 1,281 global organisations running a private cloud, 40% are using or are planning to use ‘On premise managed private cloud’ and ‘remotely managed private cloud’ with 60% using Hosted (pay per use) private cloud.

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