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Cloud Going Mainstream – Are you reaping the benefits?

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Dispelling the myths of future networks

This is the 1st in a series of blogs by Barry Mc Mahon on Cloud. See the 2nd and 3rd in the series.

As many organisations plan for a future version of themselves, what considerations do they need to be aware of when it comes to their IT infrastructure?

In this report, Cloud going mainstream: all are trying, some are benefiting; few are maximising value“, we reveal that as cloud maturity increases, greater business benefits are realised. However, are these benefits being realised by the many or the few?

This study, delivered in collaboration with IDC and Cisco, is based on IDC’s annual CloudView Survey of 6,159 executives at organizations that have currently adopted cloud, supplemented by a Cisco-sponsored business value extension to the CloudView Survey covering 1,506 respondents. The survey profiled companies’ overall use of cloud, deployment strategies, adoption drivers and benefits, and cloud requirements. Respondents came from 31 countries.

All of the organisations surveyed were profiled using IDCs five levels of cloud maturity (Ad-Hoc, opportunistic, Repeatable, Managed, Optimised) and the results are very interesting.

95 percent of those leading organisations with ‘optimised’ cloud strategies have built a hybrid IT environment that uses multiple private and public clouds based on economics, location and governance policies.

In addition, would you like to see which profile you fit into and how you compare to industry peers globally? If so, send me an email ( and I’ll arrange for you to receive a short online survey and when complete you will receive a short personalised report.



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