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Cloud going mainstream – Which level are you on?

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Dispelling the myths of future networks

As many organisations plan for a future version of themselves, what should they consider when it comes to their IT infrastructure?

Risk and single point of failure just keep coming up whenever I speak to our customers. For some it’s centred on the IT infrastructure and moving to something newer. For others it’s the fear of the unknown when it comes to migrating. In-life management is also coming up more often. This one in particular signals to me that businesses are thinking about where they want to end up and what the ultimate benefit will be. Clients who are thinking in this way are more likely to benefit in the longer term as they are letting the business needs guide them rather than being driven by technology.

This report reflects my experiences to date. “Cloud going mainstream: all are trying, some are benefiting; few are maximising value“, reveals that as people appreciate the cloud more, greater business benefits are realised.

All of the organisations surveyed were profiled using IDCs five levels of cloud maturity (Ad-Hoc, opportunistic, Repeatable, Managed, Optimised) and the results are very interesting. I’d argue that anyone who reads this will see their organisation in one profile, and what they hope to be in another. For example, 95 percent of those leading organisations with ‘optimised’ cloud strategies have built a hybrid IT environment that uses multiple private and public clouds based on economics, location and governance policies. Are you in that 95%? And do you want to be?

To find out how you profile versus your peers, send me an email at I’ll send you a short online survey that gives you a personalised report.

Grab a free copy of the research here.



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