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Category: Unified Communications


Continuously improving our customer deliveries

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For our wholesale and carrier customers, quick and smooth service delivery makes your customers’ lives easier and gets your own revenue flowing sooner, and we are committed to improving how we perform as a supplier in this space.

What are the five big challenges facing todays IT decision make

What are the five big challenges facing today’s IT decision makers?

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Digital Transformation is a phrase that’s hard to get away from. And if you’re not talking transformational projects it’s probably because you’re talking about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). But that’s it. We could summarise 2017 by these topics, and they go a long way to setting expectations for 2018. For such a wide reaching […]

Hybrid networks multinationals get to grips
Are your employees concerned about costs
When a colleague says they’re “working from home”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Am I being unfair in assuming that many of us are guilty – at some stage in the past at least – of reaching the conclusion that this colleague may not actually be working?
Five reasons you must provide mobile working

Five reasons you must provide mobile working

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The dynamic and diverse nature of the modern workforce is forcing organisational change from within. Whether desired or not, c-suite executives are being increasingly met with the challenge of facilitating an evolving work environment


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