Can hybrid cloud data centres deliver immediate benefits?

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Half the benefits of cloud now, or all the benefits later? Here’s why going ‘cloud-like’ with some traditional IT applications straightaway is the smart move.

Take your head out of the clouds.

We operate in an IT environment that spends a lot of time visualising and planning for the incredible world of digital possibilities you are aiming to deliver. We focus on the breath-taking capabilities the cloud can unlock, and we get caught up in the buzz around the Internet of Things and Big Data analytics. It’s an exciting and visionary time that’s certainly driving new cloud adoption — and you should take that opportunity now.

But it’s not always clear where your traditional IT fits into this cloud-based future, and very little of this debate gets into the specifics of delivering the benefits of the cloud across your whole IT estate and organisation right now.

I want to change that by looking at the benefits you can realise in the shorter term. Right now, let’s focus on simple and swift changes you can make to your more traditional IT assets to get the most from the hybrid cloud.

This approach delivers the first step to fully switching your applications to the cloud (which takes time). It will give you quantifiable benefits right now (in budgetary and day-to-day management terms), leaving you with the breathing space to prepare for a full switch to the cloud in the future.

Releasing cloud benefits immediately.

Imagine being able to unlock more of the total benefit you’d achieve if you transformed everything to the cloud — and getting that right now.

Your data centre is packed with potential for changing your IT and the basis on which you buy it. And, as well as releasing some cloud benefits immediately, these changes will set you up beautifully for moving your traditional IT towards the cloud when you’re ready. Your data centre really is the ideal gateway to our Cloud of Clouds strategy and its world of digital possibilities.

Take a smarter step to the cloud.

By moving operations away from fixed asset bases to flexible, cloud-like models, you can free up resources, open up new capabilities and reduce costs — all without a full move to the cloud.

Remember, not everything you have now needs to come with you on your transformational journey. And once you’ve decided which applications don’t fit into your longer-term plan, it makes sense to find ways to get as much ‘cloud-like’ benefit from them as possible.

So what are the options for those applications you don’t want or need to move to the cloud? How do you drive maximum efficiency from your traditional legacy IT?

A simple ‘lift and shift’ to a flexible pricing model within a more agile environment is a good place to start. You could move your data centre applications into a telehousing space that provides a secure and controlled environment for your equipment on one of our sites. It reduces your costs immediately, allows you to transform the app (or close it) in your own timescale, without having the overhead of long term data centre commitments.  It could involve setting up your own private cloud-based data centre, combined with your own IT assets — something we can easily do for you, taking away the complexities and headaches completely. Or maybe you’re having difficulty working out which applications are worth moving to the cloud, in which case we have a whole range of assessment tools to help. Ask us for more information by completing your details here.

We have a wide range of ways to deliver your current applications on a more economic basis, and put a significant proportion of the benefits of cloud right there in your hand. You get the best value out of your assets and then, when you no longer need them, you just switch them off.

Cloud benefits, right now.

Making smart choices about using hybrid cloud within your organisation now, will help you get the most value out of those applications that you won’t want to take with you into your fully-cloud-based future.

Find out more about how you can use our data centres to unlock hybrid cloud — and a whole world of other digital possibilities — by taking a virtual tour of our data centres.


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